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Why a Burke’s Vinyl Seawall?

Whether you are preparing for new construction, or the repair/replacement of your existing seawall, here are several factors you should consider.

  • Unstable soil conditions: Every year the earth moves leaving foundations unevenly supported. This will cause cracking in a cement wall. Our walls will not crack.
  • Hydrostatic loads: This pressure which builds up on the land-side of the wall eventually pushes the wall towards the lake. Vinyl seawalls are designed to be self-draining which allows this pressure to ebb. Alternative products cannot maintain this release.
  • Increase the value of your property: All materials used on our product come with a 50 year transferrable warranty backed by the manufacturer. No other contractor of seawall products offers a warranty that is this comprehensive. New homebuyers gain confidence in their investment if a Burke’s Seawall System protects the shoreline.
  • Third Party Testing: All profiles offered by Burke's Vinyl Seawalls have been tested and rated by third parties. ASTM as well as Finite Element Modeling test was employed to ensure that our products do what we say they will. Finished product testing, opposed to publishing data supplied from compound manufacturers, instills confidence in both materials and the quality of manufacturing.
  • Fiberforce® Top Cap: Burke's Vinyl Seawalls offer the added benefit of a maintenance free top cap system including front and rear whale. Our top cap system is backed by the warranty mentioned above, is safe from sharp edges, and is available in colors. This finishing touch not only provides a clean look, you also gain a nice walk-way with a no-slip texture.  This material is being used in marine applications as well as playgrounds across the country.  Visit the following web-site to see available colorswww.plasticboards.com

A decision to use a vinyl seawall system will reap gains by enhancing the value of your property and also by removing the burden of future replacement cost due to material break-down.

Vinyl seawalls not only offer an appealing finished look; they have been engineered specifically for year-round environmental conditions.  Our vinyl seawalls are made of materials that offer maintenance-free characteristics, which are backed by manufacturers 50 year transferable warranties.

Vinyl sheet piling finished with Fiberforce® capping creates the perfect combination that will provide you with decades of performance from your investment. The seawall system we are offering makes conventional products obsolete by eliminating the normal effects of erosion and decay. Burke’s Vinyl Seawall erosion control system will produce a beautiful result along with the best material warranty in the business. For a free estimate and more information call:

Burke’s Vinyl Seawalls