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Burke’s Vinyl Seawall Options

Profiled for the Application
Options are another one of the advantages you will receive with the purchase of a Burke's Vinyl Seawalls system. Our vinyl sheet piling comes in (5) profiles, which enable custom tailoring to your shoreline requirements.

Sheet Length
Whether you have sand, clay or muck seabed, we have the correct material to meet your seawall needs. Engineering specifications call for 50% of the sheet piling above and 50% below the seabed. This standard is applicable only in a sand/gravel condition. Burke’s Vinyl Seawalls will evaluate your soil conditions and determine the appropriate sheet length for your individual needs.

Colors offered in sheet piling are tan, clay or gray.  If you combine this with the color options available on our fiberforce® cap (plasticboards.com), you can create a unique look for your personal shoreline.  (Some premiums may apply)

Landside finish
Burke's Vinyl Seawall’s is a contractor for the installation of your seawall / retaining wall.  This means that we finish the project with backfill so that you don’t have to contact another group to finish the job.  We will finish your shoreline with raked top soil, or stone for a grass free option.

Minimum Required Information For Project Plans

  • Lake Frontage Dimensions
  • Sheet Exposure Dimension (seabed to top of sheet)
  • Seabed Substrate (sand, clay or muck)
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